Decotec Riva vanity

Riva vanity
29 1/2” x 17 3/4” x 19”


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Decotec Riva vanity


Decotec – a story that’s real, that of men and women passionate about their work, who, for the last 40 years, have been building bathroom furniture brand based on innovation, expression and quality.
At Decotec, each bathroom is the result of a unique encounter between you and your snese of well-being. Decotec takes the time to listen, to understand, to detect the smallest hints of inspiration in order to reflect them in relevant, out-going and elegant furniture. Carpenters, painters, moulders – crafts and tasks carried out with a real passion is at the heart of the production site in Tuffé, near Le Mans.
Decotec is today not only a reference to quality methods of generations with a shared passion of beauty and taste, but also to a flexible brand which adapts to the evolution of shapes and forms.

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