NativeStone Avalon Tub

Dimensions and weight:

  • 62″ x 36″ x 21″ OD
  • 57″ x 31″ x 19″ ID
  • 2.17″ (55mm) drain opening
  • Weight: 550 lbs.
  • Capacity: 65 gallons

IMPROVED SEALER! – Better Protection from stains, scratches and cracks
62-inch Free-Standing Concrete Bathtub
Artisan-made from a breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber and cement
40% lighter than standard concrete
State-of-the-art nano sealer binds with the molecules in the concrete


With its perfectly curved form and deep interior, this award-winning NativeStone concrete bathtub provides breathtaking beauty and optimum comfort. Avalon’s thick walls provide insulation to ensure that a hot, deep, relaxing soak will last and last. Avalon is handcrafted of a breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber and cement known as NativeStone, making the tub much lighter than expected. Artisans hand form, polish, finish, and seal each individual tub using contemporary craft techniques.

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