Neptune Wind Bathtub

Drop-in Corner Bathtub from Produits Neptune

Shown with Acrylic finish


Design for everyday living: the driving force behind Produits Neptune’s vision.

The bathroom holds a fundamental place in our lives. It is where we begin each day and where every day comes to an end. Whether we are using it to relax, to pamper ourselves or for hygiene purposes, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. We might as well make it a truly pleasant, beautiful and functional space. It is upon this simple yet significant statement that Produits Neptune’s vision is based.

Proudly asserting their difference, innovating with relevant products, and better connecting with the needs of consumers, these are the principles that show what Produits Neptune firmly believes: life is better when surrounded by beauty.

Produits Neptune offers a complete line of bathroom products—a unique collection of finely crafted components designed to fit together perfectly.

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