Shaws Lancaster 36 Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Apron front single bowl kitchen sink
36″ x 19″

Shaws kitchen sink models include:
– Fireclay sinks
– Apron front sinks
– Undermount kitchen sinks
– Traditional kitchen sinks


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Shaws Lancaster 36 Apron Front Kitchen Sink


Some things are as true now as they were over a century ago, when Shaws of Darwen began making handcrafted fireclay sinks. Quality and attention to detail never go out of fashion, which is why the sinks are proudly made in the same local area of Lancashire by trained craftsmen using techniques that haven’t changed since the company started in 1897.

This heritage is reflected in the names Shaws gives its products today. These are carefully selected in tribute to the local communities and villages that make up the Lancashire region and provide homes for the staff and their families.

Today, Shaws sinks are sought by international buyers and designers to grace homes of all different types and sizes in locations all over the world.

Shaws of Darwn sinks are still lovingly fashioned by experienced craftsmen at the factory premises in a quiet corner of Lancashire but designed to meet the contemporary aspirations of modern luxury kitchens.