Wetstyle Cube freestanding bathtub

Cube Freestanding bathtub
WETMAR BiO™ (soy and mineral stone)

Wetstyle models include:-
– Free standing bathtubs
– Drop in bathtubs
– Alcove bathtubs
– Oval tubs
– Rectangular tubs
– Air tubs


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WETSTYLE is a manufacturer of premium-quality bath furnishings headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Beyond WETSTYLE’s bold and original designs, every product is handcrafted from start to finish and custom-made to order in Canada.

WETSTYLE’s bathtubs and lavs are made exclusively from WETMAR BiO™, the brand’s own eco-friendly natural stone composite material, while its furniture is crafted from hand-selected, sustainable hardwoods. WETMAR BiO™ has pioneered a proprietaty recipe that uses soy and vegetable extracts to repalce the petrochemical-based resins in heavy use by the industry. WETSTYLE proudly offers the industry’s purest and most environmentally friendly material.

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